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Company History

Automotive Solutions, Inc. began serving its customers in July 1997. Mike Legg, owner-operator, immediately saw a demand for customers’ desire for like-new late model vehicles at prices usually associated with vehicles 2-4 years older.

Mike feels that establishing an informal setting and relationship with every customer is not only important, but is also the backbone of his business. He truly believes that his relationship with his customers is what makes purchasing a vehicle a unique experience. There are no harsh sales techniques or high-pressure sales tactics. Mike wants every customer to feel like they are purchasing a vehicle from “the guy next door”. Mike has never charged a “processing fee” where other dealers are currently charging $400.00-$500.00. One of the biggest complaints Mike hears about other franchise dealerships is the constant up charging of vehicles just to be negotiated back down to what they should be priced at to begin with. Mike will give you his best price up front, there is no “going back to talk to the sales manager to get a different lower price”.

Another exclusive benefit Automotive Solutions, Inc. offers is free lifetime diagnostics. This is a real value when the vehicle you purchased gets some age on it or is in need of routine maintenance checks and upgrades. Mike never charges a diagnostic fee. Other dealerships typically charge an hour minimum diagnostic fee. (currently 89.00-109.00)

At Automotive Solutions, Inc., their goal is to fulfill your automotive needs, both now and in the future! This is why Automotive Solutions, Inc. has such a loyal repeat client base.

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