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We could not be happier with our purchase. Mike was awesome and very helpful and informative with the entire buying process!! If you are in the market to purchase I highly recommend Automotive Solutions! !

Cindy C.

If your looking for a car or truck and are looking to save money and get a great
product with great customer service Then give Automotive Solutions a call and Mike and his guys will make your dreams come true...

Kevin A

We are very pleased with the 2019 Honda Pilot we purchased from you and appreciate the follow up service provided. Your ability to work with us on the particular model, color and budget we wanted was exceptional. The vehicle looks and runs great. By far the best vehicle purchasing experience we've ever had. Thanks for everything - Mike McCarthy.


: I cannot say enough positive things about Mike. I had been looking for an affordable work truck for nearly a year and was struggling to find something with low millage. Luckily, a friend recommended Mike Legg, the owner of Automotive Solutions. After a thorough conversation with Mike about my wants and needs he was able to find a 2017 GMC Denali 2500, fully loaded. Mike's price was significantly cheaper, approximately $12,000 less, than everything else I found. Mike's attention to detail was much appreciated and I had open line of communication with him throughout the whole process. Mike clearly had in-depth knowledge and was willing to explain all of the details to me. He will be the first person I contact when I am ready to purchase my next vehicle. I would highly recommend Mike's services!


Review: Trying to find a GM crew cab 2500hd has been a search of a lifetime. I had searched for and looked at over a 1000 different trucks, I'm sure, on the internet. I came across this beautiful red GMC that was at Automotive Solutions. When I contacted Mike by email, he didn't seem to waste any time in getting back to me. The work that Mike does is excellent. I've worked on many old Chevelles and Camaros in restoring them and painting them and it's rare that you find work and paint jobs as good as what Mike does at Automotive Solutions. Not only is the work as perfect as you would want, but Mike has about the best personality as well. He was patient with me while I searched everywhere for a loan and he was always so nice even after the constant phone calls and texts that he received from me. I highly recommend anyone to do business with Mike because not only do you gain a nice vehicle but you seem to gain a friend as well! Thanks again Automotive Solutions!


Towards the end of 2017 I began to look for a good gently used Suburu, combing dealerships and other internet listings over the Greensboro-Roanoke-Martinsville area. Thankfully the internet search brought me to Mike. His knowledge and professionalism came through over the phone and prompted me to make the trip to Roanoke to look at the 2016 Subaru Forester I was interested in. I've owned the Forester for 3 months now and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Mike's price was significantly better than my other choices for a Forester with more options, it really was a no-brainer. Plus it was such a pleasure to deal with him. I've been telling anyone who mentions they're in the market about him. Two thumbs up!!

P Covington

Testimonial: Thank you Mike! I had been looking for a new (used) SUV for almost a year to replace my beloved (but elderly) Ford. After months of research I decided upon a Toyota Highlander due to its solid reputation for excellent performance & reliability, and started checking the ads. Luckily I discovered Automotive Solutions and the perfect car for me. Rather than raving about Mike's professionalism and knowledge and the extreme ease of the transaction, I will simply say that after sharing my car-buying experience with friends & family (some as far away as Boston) Mike's customer base has expanded. And, even without my asking, Mike offered to sell my old car for me ~ of course I happily agreed!


Testimonial: BEST ( AND MOST AFFORDABLE ) CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER! Mike at Automotive Solutions makes any car buying experience simple, quick, and efficient. I will never deal with another dealership ever again!!! After driving a few hand me down cars or lemons over the course of 15 years; I was ready to find a good, dependable, newer, low mileage car and Mike was able to deliver ABOVE AND BEYOND anything I was even thinking I could afford. Visiting a few local dealerships and researching online, made me think I wasn't going to get what I was hoping for while staying within my price range. It seems that Mike's goal is to make any car buying experience simple and HONEST. He is the ONLY PERSON I have ever met that has actually been able to deliver this car buying experience! Thanks to Mike, I am now a proud (and happy!) owner of a 2016 Ford Fiesta Hatchback with low miles for less then I was hoping to spend! I have never had a better, easier, or kinder person to deal with other then Mike. He has made this whole process so pain free and EASY! Please check out these awesome folks, you will NOT be disappointed! Kaytlyn V.

Kaytlyn V.

hey mike, i know it has been a while but i wanted to make sure and give the car a good run through before i posted a testimonial. I also have procrastinated :)

We have been driving our 2014 Toyota Sienna XLE for a few months now. When I mean drive, I mean drive. We bought it with 14,500 miles on it from Mike and we already have over 25,000 miles on it in less than 4 months. We needed a reliable car for my family as we have family scattered around the US, and we also have 4 daughters who keep my wife very busy. I was very skeptical and nervous about purchasing a car in this way, you hear of scary experiences that just turn out bad. I have to say Mike was as straight, honest, and transparent as they come. He took the fear out of purchasing this car for me. I called him a number of times with questions and concerns and he would take the time with and answer each questions or concern. He would also update me regularly on the progress and send pictures. We even had some timing issues but in the end Mike made amends. His professionalism coupled with his genuineness go along way with me and was truly a rare find. Seeing this Sienna transform the way it did was impressive from un-drivable to looking brand new. Mike and his team do excellent and quality work. From the chassis, body, and paint work to the interior, the work that was done was first class all the way. We could not be more happy with our purchase. We look forward to doing more business with Mike in the future.


We have had our new Toyota Sienna for about a month now. Each day it seems we find some new option it has that we didnt know about. From the usb's 12 v charging spots, cup holders, which may sound small to some, we have four girls under seven.
Also all the options you can do through the radio, bluetooth, Not sure what to call them these days they do so much more than they used to. It also has power everything, doors, tailgate, sunroof. We absolutely love it, as do our kids!
Kids heard me writing this and wanted to add how much room there was, how they love sliding doors (dont have to worry about cars beside them). Easier to get to their seats.

As for Mike Legg and Automotive Solutions... You can buy a Toyota Sienna anywhere. However, I challenge you to find one with the options and the price that Mike can put you in one for. Any kind of car for that matter. This is our 2nd time going through Mike for a vehicle. By using his crew we were able to get a van 3 maybe four years newer than we could actually afford. As long as he is in business this is where I see us buying a vehicle, with no worries. A matter of fact I am looking forward to getting a jeep wrangler in the near future that I didnt see myself getting otherwise.
Thank you Mike, walking onto a car lot with huge sticker prices is intimidating, calling you isnt!
If you have any concerns about this different way of buying a car, Im here to tell you it's ok. Mike will go through the process with you. You will save thousands. You will not regret it.
Id be glad to be a reference for anyone who has questions.

Thanks Mike.


Over the years I have purchased a number of vehicles from Mike Legg at
Automotive Solutions. These have included an SUV, a compact and two large
sedans. Working with Mike I have nothing to complain about, and everything
to be thankful for.

First and foremost, the vehicles have ALWAYS been wonderful, exceeding my
expectations. Various vehicles have been driven primarily by me and my
children. We've loved them all. Mike stands behind them 100%.

His pricing is great, more than fair, and far better than anything I've ever
seen. I've looked across several states and no one can touch his prices.

Mike is a man of honesty and integrity. He does and great job, has a great
product, stands behind his work and his prices are better than I can find

I recommend Mike Legg without reservation.


Robert B Williams, MD

Over the years I have purchased a number of vehicles from Mike Legg at Automotive Solutions. These have included an SUV, a compact and two large sedans. Working with Mike I have nothing to complain about, and everything to be thankful for.

First and foremost, the vehicles have ALWAYS been wonderful, exceeding my expectations. Various vehicles have been driven primarily by me and my children. We've loved them all. Mike stands behind them 100%.

His pricing is great, more than fair, and far better than anything I've ever seen. I've looked across several states and no one can touch his prices.

Mike is a man of honesty and integrity. He does and great job, has a great product, stands behind his work and his prices are better than I can find ANYWHERE.

I recommend Mike Legg without reservation.


Robert B Williams, MD

Bob Williams=


Hi Mike,

Sorry this took so long. I wanted to give you a review of our experience working with Automotive Solutions.

We purchased a 2015 Toyota Highlander XLE from Automotive Solutions in the summer of 2016. We were delighted with the service and the condition of the vehicle. Everything was pristine, and it drives beautifully. It's everything we were looking for. This is our second rebuilt vehicle, we were glad to find a reputable rebuilder so close. When we had it inspected by an independent garage, they said it looked like it just came off the dealer lot. We highly recommend Mike and Automotive Solutions.

Do you need pix of the car?



David C Poteet

David Poteet

Dear Mike,

I hope this helps, my friend:

For about 20 years, my family has been buying cars from Automotive Solutions with great satisfaction. The cars are always in mint condition and last for well beyond their estimated time of duration. Mike provides customer-first care and has worked above and beyond to ensure quality with the cars he sells. After recently buying my first car directly from Mike, I am dedicated to working with him in the future due to his investment towards customer approval. Those who are unaware of the success stories of Automotive Solutions are honestly missing out with future automotive purchases.


Jonathan Fiedler

We have really enjoyed having the Highlander. It is making life a lot easier so far, and we know it will continue to fit our family's needs over the coming months and years. Thank you for your honesty and help through the entire process. I have attached a testimonial to this email. Please let me know if you need it in a different format! We will be coming back for more business in the future and we will be recommending you to our friends who are in search of a new car.

Thanks again!

Joe and Tiffany Burnett


Name: John Rokisky

We currently own three cars purchased from Mike Legg at Automotive Solutions since 2007. We have saved over $25,000 on the purchase price of these cars, impacting our budget in a most positive way. Avalon Limited 05 (2007), Honda EX 09 (2010) and Lexus RX 350 13 (2015). All had low mileage, continue to be reliable, dependable, trouble free cars. And therein lays additional savings in maintenance and repairs. Mike has always sent us out the door with quality cars requiring no return visits for repairs or workmanship. That's an underappreciated detail that has further saved us time and money on our purchases. Routine maintenance on our part keeps the cars in top shape. The Honda has resided in Greensboro, NC, Omaha, NE and Houston, TX with my son's job transfers. The Avalon started out with about 7700 miles and is ready to turn the 220,000 mile mark any day. The Honda had ~1k miles initially and today the odometer registers 82,000. In eight years, there are my three votes of confidence in Automotive Solutions!


I consider myself fortunate to have found Mike Legg, owner of Automotive Solutions. I have always taken good care of my cars and made them last. But the time comes when every car reaches the end of its useful life. Even though I could buy a new car and make payments of $500 or $600 a month for 5 or 6 years, I have never been able to feel right about spending so much of my hard-earned money that way when late-model cars that are like new and just as reliable, and just as good-looking, are available for thousands of dollars less.

Finding a low-mileage used car that you can be confident was properly maintained and is not someone's lemon they traded in, or want to get rid of, is always a gamble. When I bought my 2012 Ford Fusion SE from Mike, I knew that with some body work it was otherwise in perfect condition, as good as a new car. When it was less than two months old, the original owner of the car was in an accident that was not their fault. The car was obviously repairable but I can understand why they wanted the insurance company to pay to replace the car. They had bought a new car and wanted a new car, not one that had body work done. And they would have to drive a rental while they waited. The car was easily repairable and after Mike did his magic, it passed DVM inspection and you can't tell the difference between it and a new Ford Fusion. I am now driving a car that cost me much, much less than what I would have paid at the Ford Dealership and it looks and runs like new (with only two months of mileage on the drive train). I saved at least $5000 compared to buying a used 2012 (but where would I find a used one for sale with only 2100 miles on it!) and saved about $9000 if I had bought a new Fusion at the dealership.

If you read the other testimonials on Mike's web site, I can confirm that the positive experiences reported about Mike Legg, and doing business with Mike, are true. From day one, he communicated with me about every aspect of the work, making me very comfortable knowing I was in the hands of a highly experienced professional. He was always available to take my calls and to talk to me when I stopped by. He called me and emailed me regularly to keep me up to date on the progress of the job. He always took the time to answer my questions. He sent me photos of the car as it went through each stage of the repair. He spotted minor cosmetic flaws I hadn't even noticed. I told him I wanted the job done right and I can attest to the fact that Mike is a perfectionist and did the job right and then some. He followed through on everything and did everything he said he would.

Mike followed up with me after I took possession of the car to make sure I was happy and everything was good. Friendly, professional, honest, Mike Legg has integrity and cares about his customers. You can't go wrong doing business with this man.

Tom W.

I have enjoyed the 2012 Honda Civic you sold me a short while back. It has been a great gas saver; I got just over 45 mpg on my first road mile fill-up. It is like getting a hybrid, only not paying the extra price. It was a pleasure dealing with you and receiving just good service and obtaining a almost new vehicle at just a good price.

Thanks again

M Turner

Hi Mike,
Ashleigh LOVES her new Honda Civic!! Thank you so much for the care and skill you put into her car. We loved doing business with you! We hope to get a car for ourselves in the spring and we will definitely be looking on your website to see what you have available!

Claudia G Forest, VA

In preparation for our relocation to Arizona we purchased a car from Michael Legg of Automotive Solutions. At first we were hesitant due to the accident history, but he put our mind at ease with actual photos of the minor damage to the car and details of parts that were repaired. He even repaired little things that we might not even have noticed! We drove away with a nearly new car with five thousand dollars of savings over the cost of the same used car from the dealership. We used some of the savings to install leather seats, which we have always wanted. But best of all is the customer service and the integrity. Michael was truthful and straightforward with us and followed through on everything he said he would. His business means a lot to him. For once a slogan rings true; Theirs is "driving towards excellence!

Tammy and Tamal Bose, Blacksburg, VA

Thank you for a great experience purchasing a minivan from your dealership. You conduct yourself in a very friendly and professional manner that allows people to make a good buying decision. Previously, I had always purchased my vehicles from only private parties because I do not like the dealer's typical sales tactics or their added junk fees. My experience with Automotive Solutions felt like I was buying a vehicle from my neighbor. WOW, what a refreshing approach you offer to car buyers!

I also found that, when given an opportunity to cut corners, you will do what is right for the customer. Rest assured that I will recommend Automotive Solutions to anyone needing auto body repair or looking to buy a vehicle - without reservation.

And I will be checking your inventory webpage for my NEXT vehicle!


Andrew Disque

I want tell you how much I and my family are enjoying my "almost new" 2011 Honda Civic. When searching for used vehicles on-line I had several competitive, although slightly different Civic options. With my wife's prompting, I opted to pursue your LX model with under 5k miles versus a 20k EX-L model with all the bells and whistles. When I first called you, I was surprised to learn how you operated, but in speaking with you regarding the process I felt very comfortable... you laid it out well and your lifetime guarantee on your repairs spoke to your commitment to quality. I noticed in several of the testimonials on your website that people were pleased with how receptive you were to their many questions. During my experience though, I was impressed with you for the opposite reason - you provided me regular updates (including photos) of how things were progressing and what would be the next step so I had the answer before I knew I had the question... that's experienced service! Although I could've been wary about taking ownership of a repaired vehicle that I'd never seen, because you kept me informed throughout the process, I was at ease... speaking candidly, my only trepidation leading up to pick-up day was making the drive from Northern VA to Roanoke. In reality, even the trip was pretty easy and well worth the drive. Thanks for your integrity, attention to detail and for making my experience quite painless and enjoyable! I definitely encourage anyone considering buying a used vehicle to work with you, Mike... I'm confident that they too will enjoy their experience.


Ron Arens

I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you again for the fantastic service with purchasing the BMW Z-4. That car is a dream to drive both on the highway and the back roads. I can not tell you how many times today I had to take someone outside at work to show it to them. The body and motor are in A-1 shape, and working with you on the sale and delivery of the car was the most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had. I will certainly be sending people your way if I hear they are in the market for a car.


Tom D.

I purchased a Lexus RX330 from Mike in early 2005. Having never bought a used vehicle before, I was initially a little skeptical. But, I immediately felt better when I met Mike. He's a good guy who is extremely knowledgeable about cars and the work he does on them. I felt very comfortable working with Mike. And, with Mike, it's not just "make the sale" and he's done with you. (Although I imagine there have been times he'd like to be done with me!) He has always been there for me with my questions and any concerns/issues I've had. And, what's really nice is that there have not been any serious issues in the 6 years I've owned my car. It has been a great vehicle that I feel very safe in. I highly recommend Automotive Solutions and Mike Legg.

Jan Fore

I'm sorry it has taken us so long to write to you.

We love our Jeep! When I first called Mike, I knew I had made a "friend forever". He was so easy to talk to, explained everything about the car no matter how many times I had to call him. Didn't seem to be bothered by me calling him so many times when I had questions about the new car and some of our other cars. He is always willing to help with whatever needs we have on a car, however big or small. He gave me three references that were people that he and I both knew and when I saw them in person or called them on the phone, I could see them all smiling in person or through the phone about their experience with Mike.

Thanks again for a great car and deal!!

Betsy & Eddie


I just wanted to thank you for helping recently with body work on my Audi. Ever since I bought that first one from you, you have been such a help with all our fender benders. I never imagined that buying the Honda would result in an ongoing relationship. I passed the Honda to Rae and she loves it, 8 years later, 109,000 miles and still going strong.

Thanks for all you do,

Cheryl Burks Henry

Dear Mr. Legg,

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter is enjoying her "almost new" 2010 Honda Civic which we purchased from you this past weekend. My husband and I had been car shopping on dealer websites in North Carolina for the past month until we found your website. We live in North Carolina, and I must admit we were a bit skeptical with buying a car out-of-state using only on-line photos and a written description as a reference. Your price for a 2010 Honda Civic with low mileage sounded too good to be true. We drove to Virginia with our daughter hoping we wouldn't be disappointed when we finally saw the car. Well, I'm happy to say the car was exactly as described on your website, and everything my daughter wanted. Thanks for being such an honest dealer with integrity and care for your customers, especially the out-of-state ones, and thanks for everything you did to make our purchase painless and enjoyable!


Linda, Summerfield, NC